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Group Exhibition

January 17 - April 1 2018


“Triptych” features painting, paper and photo-based artworks by seven internationally diverse artists.


“Triptych” features painting and photo-based artworks by seven internationally diverse artists. Each gallery wall features the work of two distinct artists assembled as a set of three.  The assemblage invites viewers to reimagine the traditional triptych form, most commonly created as paintings or carved panels by a single artist.  The configuration of two unique practices in each set opens a powerfully articulate and contemporary visual narrative within a cross-cultural framework.  


About the Artists: 


Aydin Büyüktas is a digital photography artist from Turkey well known for his surreal drone  captured land and cityscapes inspired by a love of science fiction.  


Gözde Ilkin is a multimedia artist creating work on domestic fabrics, canvas, paper and found objects.  Her work depicts abstract social and political relationships, power attitudes and unresolved promises in ambiguous figures that are emancipated from their social and sexual identities.  


Jake Michael Singer is a multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, photography and drawing. Using materials related to the built environment such as concrete, steel, glass, silicone and plastic; science fiction and dystopian landscapes are a recurring theme throughout his work.


Malekeh Nayiny is a fine artist and digital photographer from Iran living and working in Paris most known for her juxtaposition of cultural elements while exploring personal narratives.  


The Nest Collective is a collective of ten multidisciplinary artists from Kenya who characterize their work as exploring troubling modern identities, reimagining the past and remixing the future. 


Simon Back is a painter from Zimbabwe living and working in Mauritius whose work evokes a relationship between humans and their landscapes that is simultaneously nourishing and precarious. 


Siwa Mgoboza is a young multidisciplinary artist from South Africa who explores notions of difference and belonging as informed by his personal experiences of prejudice and assimilation.